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Provider Success Story

Taylor D. Caparo


-How much Buisness growth have you seen since you began practicing at Vansanity? Can you give an approx. %?

My business grew 100%. I started my business when I started at Vansanity.

-How has Vansanity increased your portfolio of services you offer?

Prior to Vansanity I was only certified to administer neurotoxins in the aesthetic world. Vansanity made it easy for me to learn an additional thing or two by having accessibility to great education, a variety of services and experienced mentors. Now I am offering a myriad of services to my clients, which in turn has expanded my client base.

-What education/training has been most beneficial to you?

I found the dermal filler course beneficial given most of my clients desire lip filler. The course was designed to have both didactic and hands on 1:1 education, which enhanced my technique.

-How does the CloudMedSpa platform, which allows you to practice at multiple locations, help you grow your client base?

This makes my job a million times easier. I don’t have the headache of having to restock the product, or buying the devices because CloudMedSpa allows me to reserve it right at my fingertips

-How is Vansanity different from other rental suites?

I have not used any other rental suites, so I cannot attest to this; however, Vansanity makes it simple enough, where I haven’t even thought to look.

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